Technical equipment

The department of NPP and ITF has 7 specialized training laboratories for carrying out laboratory works, of which 3 computer classes with access to the Internet. In addition, the department widely uses in the educational process equipment of two scientific laboratories – heat pipes and thermophysical research. Three lecture halls are equipped with stationary multimedia projectors.

Educational laboratories are designed to carry out laboratory work on the courses of heat and mass exchange, technology of heat carriers and water treatment and fuel technology.

Scientific laboratory of heat pipes is equipped with everything necessary for manufacturing, research and introduction of scientific developments in industry. The thermophysical research laboratory has a powerful experimental base including an open aerodynamic pipe, devices for the flow of heat flow, and others.

For scientific and laboratory work, the department has a modern control and measuring equipment: modern primary devices and analog-digital converters for collecting and recording temperatures, pressures and charges, thermoanemometric instruments, etc. All laboratory work and scientific research are carried out at the modern level with the maximum use of computerization of research.